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Introducing New! ASANA by Ladies Balance New!

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ASANA by Ladies Balance MACA + VITEX + GREEN TEA

Available in capsule and as a supplement powder mix for convenience. Pick which product you prefer or mix and match for a stronger dosage.

100% Natural & Vegan | Women’s Health | GMO free | Gluten free | Dairy free

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Raves & Reviews

Raves & Reviews

 I can already see a difference. I have a little more energy

asana by ladies balance review by AnnieToday, I made a fruit and veggie smoothie using the ASANA by Ladies Balance supplement mix.

Even though it is my first day taking it,  I can already see a difference. I have a little more energy since i’ve been fatigued all week. I will be posting more recipes with the asana supplement mix. I love how it is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and wheat free.

Read the full review on ~ Butterflies-and-bows.blogspot.com


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