Let’s face it, most of us have a love-hate relationship with our closet. It is the room that holds all of our beloved clothes, shoes and accessories, yet in the same breath, for a lot of us, it is the same room that hides all of our belongings. That’s why it is often beneficial to take the time to periodically organize your closet.

Often, we stand frantically in our closet searching for something to wear, leaving frustrated unable to find anything desirable. Perhaps we are most frustrated about how little room there is to keep our items, especially if you share closet space with someone.

There is an answer to this all too common problem, it is called organization. While trying to organize your closet may sound like an impossible task, it can be accomplished by anyone in just a few simple steps.

1) Trim your closet by getting rid of unnecessary items

Even though you may feel like you are already strapped for clothes and accessories in your closet, you would be surprised how many items, that you never wear, are hiding other great finds. Only by taking the time to organize your closet can you begin to see the hidden gems.

So first things first, go through your closet and take out anything you have not worn in the last year. This means clothes that are too big, clothes that are too small, as well as, clothes and accessories that you simply have nothing to wear with.

Reason being, is these clothes are creating a hindrance on your closet. If you have not worn the piece in the last year, it is not important enough to keep in your closet and is simply wasting space, which means it is time to donate those items to someone who needs it or a worthwhile charity.

2) Organize your closet by keeping like items together

After you have trimmed unnecessary items from your closet, it is time to organize what you have left. Decide on a system that works best for you. I personally like to organize my shirts by color. For example, I keep all of my reds together and then I organize by the style, strapless, tanks, short-sleeves, long sleeves and sweaters.

This is extremely helpful for me, especially when in a time crunch I know exactly where to look for what I want. Bottoms are a little different, I organize them by style. Jeans together, dress pants together, khakis and leggings; as well as skirts. However way you decide to organize your closet, just make sure it fits your lifestyle.

If you still do not have enough room to casually sift through your clothes while hanging in your closet – you may want to consider utilizing your space better, see tip number three.

3) Utilize your space to create more room

Even if you have a small closet, you should still be able to utilize your space and keep organize your closet neatly so you can find what you are looking for. If you have an incredibly small closet you may want to consider investing in space saver bags and keep only seasonal clothes in your closet while the remaining out-of-season clothes are stored elsewhere (in storage or under your bed). For everyone else, it is time to invest in some closet organization items.

TIP: Make sure you know your closet’s measurements before making purchases – nothing is worse than buying an item only to find it does not fit!

Tiered Hangers
When it comes to having too many clothes, consider purchasing a hanger that has tiered hangers to hold multiple items, whether you need it for your shirts, pants or even ties. These can be found at Target or at a Container Store and are relatively inexpensive, especially considering the amount of space and headaches they will save you.

Hanging Boxes
There are also hanging boxes that can be hung in your closet allowing you extra room to fold and place items, like sweaters, pants or even shirts. In a small amount of space (horizontally and vertically) you can store many, many items!

Accessory Storage
I love jewelry, but if I do not see it, I will not wear it. The hanging jewelry organizer is an AMAZING invention and keeps all of your jewelry organized in compartments where you can see it!! Best investment ever! If you have belts, keep them together by hanging them on a hanger. Everything has its place!

Shoes are the same way. They need a place to go, especially if you want them to stay nice. There are plenty of shoe racks that are made to go on the floor, hang from the closet and even spinning shoe rack towers. Even my husband has a shoe obsession, so it is a great investment and much better than throwing your shoes on the floor.

Everything else
With all other items like hats, scarves and mittens – consider purchasing a bin to keep them together. Again, follow the system, either keep hats with hats or use the color system – whichever will work for you.

How do you organize your closet? Share your tips in the comment box below.

Looking for more great ideas to organize your closet? Check out the video below


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3 Clever Tips to Prettify and Organize Your Closet…

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