5 ways to feel like a sexy, confident you5 Ways to Feel Like A Sexy, Confident You

1) Know who you are and don’t apologize for it

A huge part of feeling confident is being self assured. Know your values, your likes and dislikes and dont be apologetic or change to meet others expectation of you. If you’re still struggling to find yourself, travel, get involved in different groups, explore different adventures and activities.

2) Love thyself and thy neighbor

You need confidence to exude sexiness, and confidence comes from self acceptance, that is loving yourself through thick and thin. If you’re lacking self love, one trick that helps is to write down a love letter to yourself, laminate it and hang it somewhere visible, preferably by a bathroom mirror or vanity and read it out loud to yourself each morning.

3) Look the part and live a healthy lifestyle

Looking the part is all about staying healthy, fit and well groomed. Don’t hesitate to take care of yourself, it is worth it to spend that extra $20 every two weeks to get your nails done or that $100 to keep your hair looking fly.  When you look good, not only do other notice but it also impacts your confidence and self esteem. Have a regular workout and grooming routine.

3) Dress the part

There is absolutely nothing sexy about clothing that is unflattering to your silhouette.  Think Carrie in sex and city rocking the strappy sandals to run Saturday errands. There’s nothing wrong with looking your best at all times, and does not necessarily mean looking completely put together all the time or rocking the latest designer labels. Looking polished will help you feel and act more confident and gives people a good impression about you.

5) Act the part

Confidence and sexiness radiates from your body language and mannerisms. Simple things such as maintaining eye contact when you talk with people. and walking with your head held high radiate sexiness and confidence.

Those of us who struggle with self confidence issues show it in our mannerism. Observe women who exude qualities of sexiness and confidence and note what it is about their behaviors that give you such a glowing impression about them.

Start to imitate the things you like in their mannerisms and a couple things might happen 1) by the law of habit, these mannerism become a natural part of you and 2) your mental will soon take notice and follow suit.

What do you do to feel sexy and confident? Please share in the comment box below

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Feel Like A Sexy, Confident You

  1. Samantha says:

    Totally agree. Staying healthy by eating well, exercising and positive self talk are extremely important for self confidence. So are the grooming and dressing up regardless of mood or day of the week. One other advice I have is to try to spend more time with positive people who are inspiring and boost your confidence and spend less time with those that are negative.

  2. Krisma says:

    This is true true true! Confident women exudes sexiness… And true confidence doesn’t only comes from superficial things. For a start, you can fake it ’til you make it. Great post!

    • says:

      Sexiness is all about confidence, and I always believe if you fake it long enough, its bound to become second nature. Thank you for your comment.

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5 Ways to Feel Like A Sexy, Confident You

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