10 At-Home Gel Nail Polish That Stays On For 2 Weeks

At-Home Gel Nail Polish That Stays On For 2 Weeks

For the longest while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a nail polish that stays on for 2 weeks or more. There’s nothing like having well manicured, freshly painted nails. It not only gives the impression of having well kempt nails, but it looks pretty and feminine.

The challenge with traditional nail polishes has been the longevity of the wear. The typical scenario, you apply the nail polish, wait for what feels like forever for the polish to dry and settle in, and within 48 hours, the colors begin to chip.

Even with the traditional nail polishes that claim long wear and no chip, I have found my experience to be no different and almost always experience chipping within a day or so.

This issue has often had me looking for an alternative at home nail polish that stays on for 2 weeks, and with a faster application process.

The other option of achieving longer wearing nail color, has been to go to the salons and get either an acrylic set or what they call a gel manicure. The gel manicure is also often called Shellac in some salons.

While these treatments at the salons offer the benefits of longer wear, the downside is the cost can quickly add up especially if you like keeping a perfect manicure regularly.

Most salons recommend a touch up every two weeks and at around $20 for the application. You figure at about $40 dollars a month, in a year you are shelling out $480 a year for nicely done nails. Not bad, but but it could be less.

Thankfully, there are a few product lines that have enabled us to get beautiful manicured nails longer with nail polish that stays on for 2 weeks in the comfort of our homes, and with significantly less cost overtime. Here are the current leading options:

Brands offering gel nail polish that stays on for 2 weeks

Sensationail Starter Kit - Mid process

1) Sensationail

2) Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Kits

3) Sephora by OPI

4) Haute Nails at HSN

5) Couture Gel Nail Polish

6) Kiss Gel Nail Polish

7) Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

8) Incoco

9) Nutra Gel Nail polish

10) Mally Beauty 24/7 Professional 17 pc Gel Nail Polish System

Thanks to these brands, we can now have freshly painted looking nails longer. Have a favorite brand of nail polish that stays on for 2 weeks? Please share in the comment box below

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    • says

      Hi Loni, thanks for stopping by! No need to be apprehensive, at home gel polishes can offer same results as a salon gel polish for way less the cost. Let us know how it worked out for you

  1. says

    I love this idea, Ebele! Great thinking. I’m going to have to try that.Finding gel nail polish for The Next Generation. I was lucky to discover gel nail poish recently, where they have a lot of cool gel polish with 60 amazing colours across a number of different collections! PolyLock™ Hybrid Gel Nail Colour that lasts for 2 weeks and dries instantly! LED Cured durable gel that allows the nail to look immaculate without damage!

  2. Posh says

    Hi these Gel polishes are ok for now and then but if you want the Gel on all the time it isn’t a good idear as they weeken the nail.
    I have really healthy nails and I bought the Sensationail Gel to do a home Gel manicure, after a few weeks I noticed my long healthy nails began to feel very bendy and one by one they broke, got them healthy again after weeks and weeks and thought I would try them again but the same happened again, then I sore Gelish recovery and strengthener and just used two coats of that as a bace coat and it worked great and then I had an idear to put a gel top coat on top of my nail polish, so I had two Gelish strengthener and recovery as bace two coats of regular nail polish and one Sensationail top coat and after two weeks my nails were feeling bendy again, so I filed the top coat of and put a fresh coat of regular nail polish and a regular top coat and problem solved and my nails are great and my manicure lasts for two weeks or more .

    • says

      Hi Posh, thank you for sharing that helpful tip. It’s nice to have pretty nails but it is also important to keep your nails healthy as well. Will have to try combining nail strengthener with gel polish : )

    • Christine P says

      Hi Posh, I use the PolyLock and love it, but you must be careful with all these products when you remove them, NEVER peel the gels off ALWAYS soak them off or you will peel the top layers of your natural nail with them and weaken the nail.

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