Two Ways to Rock Bright Lipstick for Dark Skin and Full Lips – Pink Shade

As a lady of dark complexion and fairly full lips, I have traditionally shied away from bright lipstick colors because I had this misconception that bright lipstick on dark skin and full lips would look nothing short of ridiculous. However, in the recent years, I found myself becoming so bored with the neutral, brown shades that I’ve typically worn to play things safe and in search of fun and exciting colors that also complement my skin tone. Summertime is just around the corner and nothing says summer like bold, fun colors. I have also come to see that bright lipstick for dark skin can actually look very fab if worn correctly.

Wearing bright lipstick on dark skin and full lips can be a bit tricky, finding the right shade and proper application are imperative otherwise the face can appear clownish. I have found that there are a couple of ways to wear bright lipstick on dark skin.

Bright Lipstick for Dark Skin Method 1)

Use a neutral shade first as a base shade. This is usually a deep brown shade or a color very similar to your skin tone, and then follow with the bright lip color. To increase the intensity of the color, simply apply more coats of the bright shade.

Bright Lipstick for Dark Skin Method 2)

Use lipliner to line the lips first before applying the color. Using a lipliner helps the color to blend against your skin tone.

In this scenario, I have chosen to apply a neutral base prior to the lip color. Here are the end results

To get this look, I start by applying Wet ‘N’ Wild Mega Lipstick in Shade #14 and;

follow with a layer of NYX Extreme Lip Cream in Strawberry Jam. For a brighter pink look, I simple apply multiple layers of NYX

Need more tips on wearing bright lipstick, check out this video tutorial HERE.

I am an absolute fan of Destiny Godley, a popular youtube makeup guru who is not afraid to rock hot, bright colors against her beautiful chocolate skin. Check out her blog HERE.

Image credit: Elsie Vintage 

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  1. Tasha says

    In my book, there’s nothing sexier than bold lips and the color just pops on dark skin women. I think it boils down to finding the right shades and M.A.C has some beautiful shades.

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