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    Question from reader Megah

    So I found your site and I really appreciate the natural approach that it

    So I guess I will start off with my concern. Since I was young I have
    suffered from chronic migraines. At one point I went in for tests on my
    pituitary gland and according to my mom something was off (I am not sure
    though. No one seems to remember). Fast forward to the summer before my
    freshman year I got what appeared to be my period (there are only so many
    reasons you bleed down there). I was excited and thought that this was
    the start of my puberty and I was finally going to be a woman! I was
    eager to develope like my peers. Well the period didn’t last more than a
    day and I could barely use a small tampon. After that it didn’t come back
    till about another six months I would say. Same story. Barely any
    bleeding. I barely even remember the second time. I had started to
    develope acne and I had this issue with irregularity, so my mother and I
    went to an OBGYN and they had no problem putting me on Yaz birth control.
    I am now 20 and on the Depo shot because I am sexually active, and I am
    questioning the decision to put me on the pill at age 15. I was so early
    in puberty. My mother didn’t get her period till her junior year of high
    school and same goes for my younger sister. I had barely any development.
    My younger sister is going through the normal changes now and I can’t
    relate at all. I question if there was some hormonal issue and bc only
    masked it. I am angry that my doctor did not look into my lifestyle (my
    diet was awful. I was such a picky eater. Today I am better, but I now
    struggle with my appetite). I still get my migraines, I honestly cannot
    tell if my breasts are small or underdeveloped (small breasts run in the
    family, but mine just don’t seem to be fully matured to me. Like I said,
    my younger sister is a junior and finally developing and I can’t relate
    to her breast growth at all), and I’ve always noticed that my fat
    distribution is not like other women. It all goes to my stomach. I never
    worry about things going to my hips or breasts. I’ve gone to my OBGYN
    before about possibly a thyroid issue because I was fatigued and always
    cold and because of my fat distribution, but apparently I was fine.

    Well now I am going to a new doctor at Mayo. They are supposed to be the
    best and they will want to start me on a clean slate. I don’t know how to
    bring this issue up to my new doctor. It’s embarrassing and I’ve never
    been taken seriously about my concern before. I’m very curious about my
    breasts and puberty, but that’s an awkward question for me and I don’t
    want them to think I want a medical excuse for having small breasts. I
    really want to test to see if I have any type of hormonal issue, I just
    don’t know how to go about it. I was hoping you could help me. Thank

    As an update since writing this, I have decided to go off hormonal birth control and use the ParaGard IUD so I will have to see how that goes.

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    Hi Meghan,

    What you described doesn’t sound abnormal at all. Some women are late bloomers when it comes to development of breasts. Fat distribution is a very complex thing because there are so many factors that can affect it. Hormone levels, genetics, bone structure and certain disorders can impact where the body deposits fat. There is a chance that going on birth control and other commercial drugs could affect development of body parts such as breasts, however it is hard to say with certainty. The best thing would be to talk with your physician and be honest about your condition. The relationship with your doctor should be one of trust and openness, so don’t be afraid to let them know what your concerns are. While fat distribution can be fairly harmless, it could be a sign of an imbalance within the body. Hope that helps!

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