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    Hello all!! I’m new to the website but feeling extremely positive that I found it. First I need to start off with saying that you ladies are all amazing and I too know the impact that these discussed issues can have on a woman. I have had such a hard time loving myself in the past for such superficial reasons m, but those days are over!

    I have been struggling with “adult acne” for years now. My once beautiful skin is being destroyed daily by horrible blemishes, but I do believe that it’s still possible to fix this issue! I’ve always had a healthy, active lifestyle but since I turned 18 and got a kidney infection my skin changed forever. Though I have had tests done nothing was ever conclusive with the connection to acne but I have been battling it for 8 years now.

    I’m in the yachting industry and have been for 4 years. It can be an extremely taxing lifestyle. So much so that I just left my last position because it didn’t give me the time I needed to take care of myself…not to mention that the chef cooked horribly and would literally serve doritos with a white bread processed meat and cheese product sandwich for lunch. How he was called a “chef” I’ll never know but when I woud ask for a simple salad I would get romaine lettuce, tomato and onion DRENCHED in dressing. Thank goodness I’m out of there and able to cook for myself again.

    However, I am happy to announce that I’m in a more positive environment and ready to take a different route to clear my acne and feel more vibrant. I have tried endless amounts of treatments, dermos, aesthetician, masks, perscriptions blah, blah, blah, all to no avail. After reading all the reviews I actually feel like I can relate to these people and their problems.

    My question is, if I’m struggling from a hormonal imbalance and congested skin, what would be the best program of Asana vitamins to take? I see the hormonal balance ones and the beauty and skin. Is it okay to pair them or is it best to keep them seperate? How would I go about evaluating my issues to begin this journey with you all as soon as possible??!

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    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for posting this, I’m sure there are many women who will relate to your experience. I can definitely understand your frustration with battling skin blemishes, a problem I dealt with for years. It can take a toll on your self confidence and affect the way you live your life.

    I give you great kudos for leaving an environment that you found toxic to be able to better care for yourself. That is an extremely huge step and will affect your health and skin for the better. I shook my head after reading your statement about the Doritos on white bread with processed meat. It is unfortunate that today’s world has distorted what people think of food. If most people could only understand that the purpose of food is to nourish and fuel the body and what the body digest is more important than what goes into the mouth. When food enters the mouth it is the beginning of the journey. If processed foods goes in, the body absorbs little to no nutrient it needs to function properly and worse it takes in all the toxins which can harm healthy cells and lead to disease and other types of disorders. The effect is compounded the more this journey occurs in the body.

    In terms of product guidance, for the purpose of balancing hormones, we suggest the ASANA original formula with maca, vitex, green tea and shatavari along with healthy eating habits and maintaing active lifestyle. It is taken by many of our customers for the reasons you mention and within a few months we get great testimonials. Of course results are not guaranteed and everyone is different depending on the level of deficiency. The powder, ASANA Daily Restore is a great addition to the capsule supplement but not required. For the women who have successfully gotten to the point where they feel like they don’t need the capsules any more, the powder can be included in daily regimen to promote wellness. We created it to be extremely versatile for this purpose

    I hope that answers your questions. Please reach out if you have any further questions. Our goal is to build this forum to a large support community where we can have conversations like this #wewillgetthere. One day at a time 🙂

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