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    Question from reader

    I would love to get some advice on using Maca supplements to regulate my periods again. We are trying to conceive after a miscarriage 6months ago. Its been a struggle because my cycles are 40-50 days apart. I’m in.good health and the doctor said my hormone levels are OK.

    I’m waiting for my OBGYN appointment in June, but I’ve been doing reading on Maca and Siberian Ginseng. I bought them both, and want to try them. (don’t worry…not at the same time) 🙂
    Hopefully you can give me some help and advice on the Maca route

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    Hi there!

    Nice to hear from you and thank you for your question.

    I am sorry to hear about the miscarriage, that’s a difficult thing to go through. Getting your hormones back on track after a miscarriage will require some patience and commitment to a lifestyle of low stress, plenty of R&R, lots of whole fresh foods rich in iron, omegas and healthy fats. Taking maca may help. Since you’re under the care of a physician, it’s recommended that you run it by them in the event that you are prescribed other medications.

    If you do decide to go with Maca. It’s a good idea to start with around 500mg a day. Maca is available either in capsule or powder form. I personally prefer the powder form for its versatility and find that it is better absorbed by the body. You can mix it with nut milk or into your smoothies. If after some time of taking 500mg and you feel you may benefit from a higher dose, then bump it up.

    Something that I’ll also suggest is prior to starting the maca, you may consider doing a cleanse to give the body a fresh start. Here’s a hormone detox regimen you can follow which consists of a 3day juice fast. Other beneficial herbs and foods to incorporate into your diet to promote a healthy flow include vitex, nettle and ginger.

    Hope that helps 🙂


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