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    Question from reader Tonya Scruggs

    I have been taken gaia maca root powder that contain ginger. Does maca root powder honestly help you gain more weight in your butt and hips? Does maca root powder make you gain weight in your stomach area? Does this powder honestly make you a more curver women? Thanks

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    Hi Tonya, this is a very common question that we receive. I covered maca roots for curves in several articles. Taking maca root for curves and Maca root for bigger booty fact or myth. I suggest reading those articles as they go over some of the questions asked. There’s no herb that can guarantee you curves. It would be nice if nature worked that way, but it doesn’t. On that note, there are certain herbs that can promote the development of curves by nourishing the body where there is a deficiency or causing weight gain. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for promoting fat distribution of breasts, hips, butt and thighs in women. Women who produce too little of this hormone could benefit from herbs like maca which works to restore balance of hormone levels.

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