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    Hi there, I have bad acne and I was wondering can you help me. I am on spironolactone 100mg, and I’m still breaking out terribly.  I am 36 years of age African American. I get around 10 hours of sleep. I also eat healthy and exercise 4 times a week. My acne is mild with breakout frequently. I’ve been on spiro fro 8 months. 4 week  25 mg and then it was moved to 100mg.

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    Acne is such a complex issue to solve because there are many causes of this skin disorder. Spironolactone is typically prescribed for women with severe acne stemming from overproduction of male hormones. For women with this condition, it works by functioning as an androgen receptor blocker, which controls the effects of androgens on the sebaceous glands. It usually takes several months for the results to start to kick in as your body adjusts to hormonal changes triggered by the drug. You mentioned that it has been 8 months and you’re still experiencing breakouts even after an increase in dosage. It could be that your body is still adjusting to the drug.

    You mentioned that your acne is mild and frequent, which may suggest other possible causes. As I mentioned spironolactone is usually given in the cases of severe cystic acne as this is an indication of overproduction of male hormones. Less severe acne on the other hand may be a result of many other causes including high stress levels, food allergies, topical products or even skin care regimen. It’ll sometimes take some trial and error to pinpoint the root cause. You can start by keeping notes on when the breakouts occur to identify trends. Also assess all the skin care products that you use and make sure ingredients are clean. If you have acne prone skin, you have to be an ingredient detective simple as that. Do not trust cosmetic labels because they claim non comedogenic or non acnegenic. I can’t tell you the number of times I have found products with these labels that are filled with pore clogging ingredients.

    For acne prone skin, proper exfoliation is so crucial. Our skin has a tendency to get clogged up with oil and dirt, therefore we need to do what we can to help with the removal of dead skin cells. I personally use a loofah which I purchase from a Korean spa 2-3 times a week to gently scrub my skin and it has been very effective for me after years of buying expensive skin care products that were less fruitful. The thickness and sensitivity of your skin will determine how often you exfoliate too but do not go overboard.

    Food allergies is another possible cause and actually a very common one. Fortunately there are tests that can be done to identify these. In summary, the goal is to identify the root cause of the acne which requires taking a step back and assessing all possible factors.

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