Tried maca root and felt amazing but worried about goiters?

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    Question from reader Stacey

    After taking maca, I felt a pretty immediate result of mood balance! And, sitting at 35 days and no symbol PMS in sight…(I’m a 15year textbook 28day girl prior to MC). I decided to try it. After 3 days of taking it, I got my period! And actually felt moody!! First time in 6months I felt that way!!(coming from a recent 40-50day cycle)

    I felt and still feel amazing!

    I did however stop taking it today as my neck broke out into a small rash yesterday. And I have a severe fear of getting a goiter now, [color=#1155cc] reading side effects . I was taking two 500mg a day, probably putting me too high of a dose for a starter. And the bottle said to take one 3TIMES a day!!

    I hope I can resume, at a lower dose.
    Because I felt amazing!

    Thanks for your advice and information!! I look forward to the forum. And feel free to share my story for sure!'[/color]


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    Hi Stacey!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Maca :). Glad to hear that overall it was a pleasant one. The risk of goiters with maca is fairly minimal and something to be concerned about when consuming high dose of the herbs or if you suffer from disorders of the thyroid. If taken conservatively, it is very safe and most people have no problems. Generally, I believe that high doses of any herbal remedy should be reserved for extreme conditions and only under direct care of a naturopath or herbalist. I tend to abide by the turtle vs hare analogy. Start with small, conservative doses and realize the effects over time versus high doses in a haste for fast results that can increase the risk of allergic reactions or other complications.

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