How to Fix Cracked Makeup and Repair Broken Compact in 6 Easy Steps

You’ve spent all this money to purchase your favorite bronzer or powder compact, only to drop in on the bathroom floor and watch it crumble in its case. You don’t want to throw away your money, but it looks irreparable. Fortunately there is a simple trick to quickly and easily fix cracked makeup.

As a self-proclaimed compact klutz, I have had my fair share of tumbles and disappointments, and as a chronic multi-tasker, it is only normal that something bad is bound to happen, especially when trying to apply pressed powder with the balls of my fingertips while waiting for my freshly applied nail polish to dry.

Sometimes it seemed like I broke more makeup than I applied it. Rather than waste hard earned money, I took matters into my own hands and sought out the perfect DIY solution to fix cracked makeup.

In 6 quick steps, this easy fix will bring your broken compact back to life and have you whole again in no time!

What you’ll need to fix cracked makeup
  • Your broken makeup
  • 70% alcohol – try and avoid Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol if possible.
  • Plastic wrap
  • Eye liner brush
  • Makeup spatula
  • Liquid dropper

Step 1: Wrap it

The first step to fix cracked makeup is to place the makeup in a plastic wrap. There are two ways to do this and either method will produce the same end result.

In the first method, you could scoop up your broken compact and tightly wrap it in plastic wrap. Ensure it is securely wrapped so another mess is not made.

Or another option is to  simply pour the contents of the compact into a sealable plastic bag.

Step Two: Smash it

Use your makeup spatula to smash up your wrapped makeup. You want to turn the remaining hard powder into loose powder. Make sure it is smooth and  finely ground.

Step Three: Liquify it

Now that your powder is loose in the compact case, remove the wrapping carefully, If you used the second option, you will want to pour the contents back into the compact once it has been finely ground. Next, add approximately 8-10 drops of alcohol onto the powder. Start with less drops to gauge how much you will actually need and add more as required.

Note* You want the consistency to be more creamy than watery so no need to overdo it with the alcohol.

Step Four: Spread it

Once enough alcohol has been added, the powder will be a malleable consistency. Spread out the powder evenly within your compact case.

Step Five: Smooth it

Take your eye liner brush once your powder is spread and even out the edges. You want to make it look as neat as possible; the most like its original state, so that no one even yourself can tell anything ever happened.

Step Six: Time it

The final step has been achieved so now it’s just a waiting game. It may take a few hours, at least 2-3 hours, for your compact to fully dry but it will be worth the wait. In a few short hours, your compact will be as good as new. You can go ahead and apply your makeup as you would normally.

What makes this trick so slick is its versatility. Drop your eye shadow? No big deal. Smash your blush? Got that covered too! Restore any powdered makeup with this quick and easy DIY and save yourself some serious coin.

Now, surely these aren’t the only ways to revive your favourite products. So please, if you have any other tricks and tips to fix cracked makeup or repair broken compacts be sure to share them in the comment section below!

If you’re a visual person like myself, here is a great infographic from thebeautydepartment


Here are some helpful videos

Guest post by: Vanessa from where she blogs and vlogs about all things skincare, including products reviews and handy DIY tips and tricks.

Image Credit: Leanna Lostoski

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