Taking Maca Root for Curvier Hips and Butt Part 2

Debunking maca myths

When I wrote the article about Maca root for bigger booty and hips, I had no idea how popular the article would turn out to be, and I had no idea how much response and inquiries I would receive regarding the supplement. Everyday I receive emails after emails from readers who want to learn more about maca.

As you can see, the article has received over 100,000 views since it was written almost a year ago plus 100’s of comments. While as a blogger, I am pleased to see my writing garner so many interest, it did raise some concerns for me. Based on emails I’d received and comments on the article, there seems to be a general belief that maca is a sure proof way to grow a bigger butt or wider hips. I am not sure if most people actually read through the entire article to understand the main gist of the topic or if they are so eager to attain certain results that they miss the critical points.

Therefore, I decided to write a follow up on that article to debunk myths, answer some common questions in the article and address some concerns. My goal with writing these articles are simply to inform and educate, and my hope is that no one is mislead.

Maca, I believe overall is a great herbal supplement because it offers a wide variety of great benefits. It has been used for ages by women in South America for male and female hormonal and reproductive health. I have taken maca on and off for years in conjunction with other supplements and have experienced the benefits first hand.

My purpose for taking maca in the first place was to help with hormonal regulation. I experience signs and symptoms of PCOS and have had irregularities with my periods, issues with mood swings, acne, hair loss and excessive hair growth.

I can honestly say that I have benefitted a lot from herbal supplements such as maca and vitex. However, in addition to taking these supplements I have adopted a healthy lifestyle, which is necessary if you want to see results. I strive to eat healthy and I wake up early to get my exercise in every day. All these different factors together are what helped me see an improvement in my condition and not the supplement alone. This is important for everyone to understand.

In terms of maca and my body shape. Honestly, I have always been a curvy girl and it runs in my family. My grandmother was known for her well endowed hips and backside and she happily passed it on. I posted a picture showing myself several years ago showing my shape throughout the years.

Not that I am proud of this, I have gained weight throughout the years, around 30 pounds which I am working hard to lose, and it has affected my silhouette as well. So I don’t know if I can credit maca solely for the change but I am sure it has had some impact.

Does maca really work for bigger butt and hips?

If you’re taking maca for the purpose of getting bigger hips and booty, you need to have realistic expectations, i repeat, you need to have realistic expectations.  Your body shape is determined by a variety of factors including genetics, bone structure, diet and health. You cannot and I repeat, You cannot change your shape by merely taking maca supplements.

You can change your shape through a combination of rigorous exercise, healthy diet and dietary supplements. Maca will help with hormonal balance which in certain women can mean increased fat deposits to hips, butt and thighs. In addition, an exercise regimen that includes some cardio, running and emphasis on butt exercises such as squats and butt kicks can help to lift, tone and pump up the buttocks, thighs and hips.

Jillian Michael has a great DVD for butt and thighs exercise routine. In my opinion, she’s a bit hardcore but if you’re serious about getting fit, then she’s the lady for you. I also love, love, love Shaun T’s Rocking Body and his focus T25 workout DVD’s, that’s actually what I do in the mornings.

For diet, cut down on carbs especially refined carbs and instead go for whole grains. For women with hormonal irregularities, refined carbs are the enemy. Eating excess and refined carbs only adds to the problem and can lead to the overproduction of androgen, which are male hormones, in women. Check out this great book that discusses the impact of hormonal balance in women.

If you are looking to attain balance and improve shape, you will need to reduce excess carb intake. This is a great book with 100’s of low carb recipes. Your diet should be rich in proteins and greens. If you’re a eater like myself, eat healthy that way you can eat more of it and not feel guilty.

How to take maca, dosage and frequency?

The dosage of supplement you purchase will determine how much you take. Generally you can take 1-3 supplements daily of a 500 mg tablet. The maximum recommended dosage i 1500mg daily. You do not want to exceed this because maca is known to be a stimulant.

Some people have reported rapid heart beats, sweating and other issues while taking maca. I believe this is an indication of too high dose. If you start feeling this way, reduce the dosage and if it persists, discontinue the supplement all together.

Which brand of Maca should I buy?

There are a wide variety of maca manufacturers and retailers on the market. Not all of them are created equal. A simple search on Amazon will bring you a variety of options. Due to my needs, I have personally switched to a custom formula which I have loved and will be releasing soon. In the past I used Nature’s Way Brand Maca and Femaprin for vitex. I have included the links below:

My dosing was 1000mg of maca, so 2 capsules a day of maca and 1 capsule a day of the Vitex.

I have been taking Maca regularly, exercising and eating right, why is it not working for me?

Some people have sent me messages that they’ve done everything from the diet to the exercise to the maca supplements and they have seen no results. Remember, your body shape is determined by a variety of factors. So you need to be realistic with your expectations and if you do not see the results you are aiming for, then know that it is how you were created. Regardless, your body is beautiful the way it is. Love it the way it is because it is YOUR body.

Other benefits and uses of Maca

If taken appropriately, it will help promote increased energy. As a I stated earlier, maca is typically used for both male and female reproductive health, therefore some women report an increase in stamina. A little icing on the cake if you ask me ; ).

Where can I find maca in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana?

I get emails from ladies in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana asking where to purchase maca. With the popularity of the supplement, it is now available in certain local drugstores based on some of the messages I have received from my readers.

Hope this helps!

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Raves & Reviews

Raves & Reviews

Highly Recommended!!! - by WifeyforLifey on Amazon.com

I've only been taking this for 2 days so far and already I feel a change in me for the better. I don't know how well this works for PCOS overall yet but I do know that my body just feels energized and revitalized since day 1 of consuming this product. I know for a fact I'm buying this again and it's probably going to be a staple for me. I'm thankful for it.

 I can already see a difference. I have a little more energy

asana by ladies balance review by AnnieToday, I made a fruit and veggie smoothie using the ASANA by Ladies Balance supplement mix.

Even though it is my first day taking it,  I can already see a difference. I have a little more energy since i've been fatigued all week. I will be posting more recipes with the asana supplement mix. I love how it is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and wheat free.

Read the full review on ~ Butterflies-and-bows.blogspot.com


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  1. jelli says

    I tried the pill 525g for 3 weeks with no results im thinking about goin with powder since alot of comments says it works better and faster ..i ask the ppl at the health store about maca he said when taking somethin like this it usually takes up to 1 to 2 months for results

  2. Josh says

    Your blog post has great information about maca and the combinations necessary to try to attain a certain look. My only concern, and reason for writing, is your section about diet. You stated that cutting carbs is part of a healthy diet. I have a masters in exercise science and would like to steer women away from believing that carbs are bad and make you fat. EXCESS carbs in your diet turns into fat. Carbohydrates are the ONLY source of fuel that your brain uses. Luckily, your body can create carbs from other macromolecules (fats, proteins etc) through a process called gluconeogensis. Restircting carbs has severe long term effects such as heart disease. You should restrict refined carbs and stick to whole grains. Carbs are good for you and you need at least 6 servings (1 serving= 1 slice of bread) if you exercise and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Please consider an edit as carbohydrate restriction is not a healthy way to achieve your fitness goals.

    • says

      Hi Josh, thank you for your feedback. To your point there needs to be clarity in the diet section about restricting refined carbs. Refined and excess carbs are the enemy is the point I was trying to drive home. I am glad you brought it to my attention and I have made some edits :-)

  3. rebecca says

    I want to start taking maca hip and butt enlargement pills and I really want that curvy shape cos it has always be my dream.please tell me what to eat and not eat. Thanks

    • says

      Hi Rebecca we are working on putting together health/fitness/body challenges that will help you accomplish your goals. I strongly believe that with the right diet, supplements and exercise regimen you should be able to accomplish your goals. I suggest subscribing to our newsletter updates HERE as we will be sending out emails once the plan is ready. Thanks!

  4. Olivia says

    Thank you for this post! It’s full of helpful information. Are you still planning on releasing your custom formula? I ended up here as I was looking for natural treatments for acne and hair growth as I’m currently taking co-cyprindiol prescribed to me by my doctor (I’m being tested for PCOS) but I would rather not have to take any medication if possible so I’m trying to find alternatives. I live on a vegan diet, exercise regularly and rarely drink/don’t smoke or take other substances. I’m rarely unwell and this is the only health issue I struggle with. Any advice on dealing with it would be much appreciated. I’ll try the maca/vitex and I have signed up to the e-mails. Thank you again for this post.

  5. cinnamonapple says

    Maca has worked for me… Along with squats. I actually have seen results and it’s only been two weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the maca or squats but hey, somethings working lol


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