Best Shades of Blush For Dark Skin Tones

So I am going to start this article by dispelling the popular myth about dark skinned women blushing. Yes, we do blush. In fact, everyone blushes. Blushing itself is simply blood flowing to the cheeks when one feels embarrassed, lovestruck or some kind of emotional distress. And everyone goes through these emotions.

When we blush and our cheeks become flushed, it gives off a beautiful warm glow to the skin, like the glow of a young girl developing a crush for the first time, or a bride on her wedding day. Too bad, for most of us this beautiful blushing glow does not stay on permanently. However, with the right cheek color or bronzer, the look can be easily imitated.

In the past, I have kept cheek colors at arms length because of the limited color options, but I have to admit, these blush colors have come along way from the ghastly days of the bright reds and pinks. Now, there are a wider variety of colors and options that makes it easier for darker skinned women to find the right shades of blush.

Besides creating the illusion of flushed cheeks, using bronzers and highlighters on the cheeks can give off a beautiful, celebrity glow to the skin, while contour powders can add dimensions and emphasize gorgeous cheekbones.

Here are my picks of Ah-mazing shades of blush for dark skinned women

1) Orange and peach

For a natural warm glow, an orange or peach blush is a must for dark skinned beauties. It blends beautifully our chocolate coated skin and can be worn for any occasion.

2) Plum and mauves

It is hard to go wrong with a mauve or deep purple blush on dark skin. It is simply gorgeous and a fun way to add a pop of color.

3) Soft pink, Peachy or Brown Pink

I have to say, I am truly not a fan of true pink blush on darker tones. It never really appears natural and very few women are able to pull it off successfully. A soft peachy pink or brownish pink however can be flattering without being too overwhelming to the face.

4) Bronze

Like an orange or peach blush, a well pigmented bronzer with the right concentration of shimmer looks gorgeous on dark skin tones.

Just as important as finding the right shade is applying cheek color. No, you do not want to pile color onto the apples of your cheeks.

Instead, start by applying a gentle sweep of the color from the outer part of your cheeks downwards towards the apples. For more depth and dimension, use a darker shade alongside your cheekbones, apply blush color to the apples of your cheeks and a small concentration of lighter shade or illuminator directly on top of your cheekbones.

How about you? What is your favorite shade of blush for dark skin tones? Please share in the comment box below

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