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Four Tips to Wearing High Heels Comfortably

4 tips to wearing high heels comforatbly

High heels have evolved over the centuries into a voluntary, much sought after option in footwear. It’s difficult to open a fashion magazine without seeing models strutting about in these creations, or to imagine Hollywood’s hottest female stars on the red carpet without their glamourous heels. While most of us won’t reach great fame and […]

Are Your Shoes Feeling the Funk? Here are 6 Remedies for Smelly Shoes

are your shoes feeling the funk. 6 remedies for smelly shoes

Does your dog recoil in horror when you ask him to fetch your slippers? Is a gas mask required when you open your shoe closet or wardrobe? If your boots are a biohazard and your shoes stink, don’t panic – there’s no need to throw them into an incinerator just yet. Our friends at Rainbow’s-end, […]

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