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Spotlight: Chanel Porchia-Albert – The Inspiring Doula Supporting Mothers In Need.

Imagine yourself as a mother-to-be, waiting 5 hours in an over-crowded clinic to seek medical advice that leaves you feeling like just another number in the system. …And now imagine being in your own space, speaking with a woman who has been with your through your pregnancy, who has not only gone through the same […]

A Busy Woman Balancing it All: Interview with Passionate and Motivated Meghan Stickle

Meet Meghan Stickle, a sophomore from North Carolina studying Biochemistry at Coastal Carolina University.  After reading about Meghan, you’ll see why I’m so in awe of her! Meghan leads a demanding lifestyle and most importantly, she takes advantage of all the time she has. She’s the definition of an achiever. Being a student taking eighteen […]

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