3 Simple Exercises To Do At Home
3 Simple Exercises To Do At Home

There are many excuses we can give for not exercising and staying in shape. One, of course, is that as adult life kicks in and we have less and less free time…

How I Make A Tinted Sunscreen
How I Make A Tinted Sunscreen

making a tinted sunscreen For daytime foundation application, it is always a good idea to keep it light and simple because daylight can be unforgiving to a cakey foundation application. One way…

Vitamin C in Skin Care img
Vitamin C in Skin Care

I remember as a little girl, my mom would place in my palm my daily Vitamin C tablet while telling me how strong and healthy my body would be with the supplement.…

Treating Deep Acne Scars on Dark skin
Treating Deep Acne Scars on Dark skin

Unfortunately for individuals of darker skin tones like myself, treating deep acne scars and marks poses a major challenge mostly due to high risk of hyper-pigmentation in darker skin. Challenges of treating…

habits for clear skin
20 Good Habits for Clear Skin

Good habits for clear skin: 1) Do change pillow sheets at least once a week. If possible use white, cotton sheets that way it is easy to see when they are dirty…

Ultra Glow Black Soap Reviewed

As someone with very oily, acne-prone skin, a good facial cleanser is a must-have for me. Having tried almost every cleanser under the sun, I found that tons of cleansers did one…

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