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    Hello I am 40 years old and have had a seizure disorder since I was 17 years old. My seizures are a result of my hormones. I recently went 6 years seizure free and I have been unmedicated for 10 years. This most recent seizure none of my regualr triggers were a factor. I will not be seeing a conventional doctor as they will only recommmend a path of test and treatment of medications that will put me on a path of dispair. While on seizure meds. I experienced seizures every month before my cycle they are not form me. I do however live with 2 young ladies one that is 18 and one that is 12. I have experienced a cycle shift as my girls go through puberty. So you think your product could help balance me out??

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    Hi, many of our customers use Asana to regulate their cycle with great results, however I would prefer that you work directly with a naturopath to properly diagnose and manage your condition since seizures can be quite serious. Our product is not formulated to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please keep us updated on your treatment and progress.

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