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    I recently began taking Asana after recovering my cycles after a period of 12 years with no natural period (combination of hypothalamic amenorrhea and BCP). After my first period, I got to CD 37 and still hadn’t confirmed ovulation. I started taking Asana Ladies Balance that day and ovulated about two weeks later on CD49. I’ve continued with taking two capsules a day, and after that first 60 day cycle, I ovulated on CD20 and am now 13 days into a healthy luteal phase. As I haven’t yet gotten a BFP, I’m expecting AF any day now. My question is, my DH and I are TTC, and I’m wondering how continue taking Asana Ladies Balance fits into this. I know it’s not recommended to take during pregnancy, so what is the best approach to “wean” myself off of it at this point? I fear that doing so may lengthen my cycles again, which would be very frustrating given that we’d like to conceive very soon. At the same time, I don’t want to be dependent on this indefinitely. You may not have experience with my specific situation, but in general, what are your recommendations for someone taking Asana Ladies Balance who is also TTC? Thank you!

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    Hi Kristin, thank you for sharing your story. I am very happy to hear that the Asana supplement has been helpful in getting your cycle where it needs to be:). You do not have to be on the supplement indefinitely and this is actually a fairly common question. Generally, my suggestion is after you’ve observed several months of consistency and pattern with the length and frequency of your cycle, you can begin to reduce dosage or stop the supplement completely. It’s great that you’re ovulating, that’s a amazing progression especially after 12 years with no cycle. We’ve had also had customers take the supplement until they discovered they were pregnant. The active ingredients of vitex, maca and shatavari are powerful reproductive tonics that may support a healthy fertility. It sounds like you’re very in tune with your body and that is going to be key at this point. Hopefully that helps. Please keep me updated on your progress and best wishes.

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    Thank you very much for the response, Belle! In the event that I would get pregnant while still taking Asana daily, how do you recommend discontinuing use? This is definitely something I would speak to my OBGyn about, but I expect they wouldn’t be very knowledgeable about the herbs in this supplement. I’m just really afraid that abruptly stopping or even weaning off this supplement after conceiving would cause a significant disruption to my hormones and miscarriage. Do you have experience with ladies who were taking this supplement regularly that went on to have healthy full-term pregnancies? Thanks in advance for your response.

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