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    Hello ladiesbalance,
    I’m 39 years old, there are stringee whitehead underneath my skin (face), if i don’t squeeze them out, they become very hard or they eroded and leave holes in my face. I’m not sure if this is the result from overactive oil gland( sebum) gland, or something else, but my skin surely is oil. Please tell me which one of your bottle can help. thanks

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    Hi, whiteheads are typically as a result of blocked pores from a combination of overactive oil glands and dirt under the skin. Our Asana beauty bundle which includes Asana capsules, femininitea clear skin and spearmint, may help to regulate the excess male hormones that are often the culprit to overactive oil glands. The teas further enhance its skin boosting effects and infuse the body with acne fighting antioxidants.

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