My Hormone Imbalance Story

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Welcome to LadiesBalance by CHIOMA Nutrition. Our goal is to develop 100% pure, high quality herbal supplements for women that are free of artificial ingredients that are unlike many products found on store shelves today; and to provide resources and technologies that empower women to live healthier more fulfilled lives. We do this through products that set the standard in women’s natural health and we do it through education. Our website has a plethora of informative content that give women the know how to take charge of their wellness and make informed decisions about their health.


I am a herbal alchemist, holding a Chartered Herbalist diploma (CH) from Dominion Herbal College; licensed in Esthetics and a NESTA Certified Fitness Trainer (CPT). I also possess a bachelors of science and masters in business administration.

I just love what I do! Helping women get balanced and feel juicy and refreshed.

It is more than just a company to me, it is a lifestyle, it is my passion and I’ve dedicated my life to creating authentic, natural products. I genuinely love the process of formulating herbal supplements for women’s health needs. I also strongly believe that we are in an era of the power woman who proudly embraces her femininity. The woman who creates her own destiny, isn’t afraid to speak up and goes after what she wants with passion. Never has there been a time when it is important for women to be visible. There are so many ways in which we can impact the world and our communities. The world is only beginning to see the magnitude of the supercharged woman.

For us to be the power women we are created and realize our full potential, our health must be in the forefront. It is especially beneficial in this age of high stress lifestyles, toxin filled processed foods, exorbitant prescriptions of commercial drugs, and delayed motherhood, that we nurture and protect our bodies.

I was introduced the world of herbs, natural healing and plant based nutrition during my struggles with cystic acne. I am a testament to the healing powers of food and herbal medicine and believe that the combination has helped me to reclaim my life.

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How I Balanced My Hormones And Cured Hormonal Acne

In the article female hormonal acne almost ruined my life, I share my candid struggle with cystic acne, wen through all types of treatments, was put on the pill as a way to maintain the horrible symptoms I experienced and went through years emotional rollercoasters, weight problems, hair loss, skin issues, low energy and you name it.

In university, I started noticing difficulty staying awake during classes and maintaining focus. It got worse over the years. At work, it reflected in my performance. I would always feel tired, drained. I remember at one of the first jobs I had after college, a fellow co-worker made a comment, “that I was too young to always be as tired as I was”. It stuck with me.

To make matters worse, my skin issues affected my confidence and impeded my ability to go after the things I wanted. I’d also gained so much weight as a result of the birth control pills and in all the wrong places. I remember feeling like I was not myself.

My trips to the physician would end up with me undergoing similar tests, which would come back out of whack hormones but overall healthy, and their answers were always the same, try a different birth control pill. Deep down I knew something just wasn’t right with me. I got tired of fighting a losing battle. I was determined to take charge of my health.

I started reading and soaking everything that I came across regarding women’s health and fitness. I developed a strong interest in herbal medicine and foods for healing. For years I read, studied different scientific research and tried various remedies. I still educate myself as much as I can.

The more I researched, the more I understood my body and how as women we cannot ignore the fact that our daily lives are so heavily impacted by our hormones. I also began to understand how the hormonal changes that occur in our bodies as a result of our menstrual cycles affect many aspects of our lives. The dots began to connect.

I consider myself a natural health and beauty educator and if I am able to help one woman reclaim her vitality and feel confident about herself, then I have done my job. I am constantly studying and educating myself on the latest ingredients so that I bring our customers only the best herbal supplements for women.

This is my passion. To help others take charge of their wellness, feel and look amazing.

I ALWAYS welcome your thoughts, ideas, and requests so I can make the site a more useful place for you and everyone else. Your thoughts and opinions allows us to continuously release wellness products, technologies and herbal supplements for women that fit the needs of the modern lifestyle. If you need to, please get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by!

xoxo Belle Herbal Alchemist, CPT, HHC

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