In December 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

What does your day to day life look like? Walk me through your daily routine; what got you into your business?

My day tends to be very busy. I usually start my morning around 6:45. I spend about 30 minutes reading my daily scripture, daily devotionals and saying my affirmations. I never want to go into the day without God. I wake up my 2 youngest around 7:30 AM so that they can get ready for camp and earlier on the days they have school. Once they are out the door. Around 9:00 I am going through emails and returning and making phone calls for about 2 hours. I may or may not take a break around noon to check and post on social media which is something I do throughout the day. Around 6:00 PM I update notes for clients and go over my daily to do list. Before bed whenever that is (lol) I pre-plan my day like who I am going to call, email, what I am going to post or engage with etc. Throughout the day though I am seeing clients and taking care of my mommy duties to my four children.

What is your biggest challenge of the day?

In December 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It through a wrench in my life plans for sure, but I am a fighter and an over-comer. So some days I don’t have a lot of energy to do all that I need to do especially on the days that I have chemo. Some of the side effects that I experience causes me to just lay in bed and rest. So, it’s really getting through those days and times and still being able to give my all and give my family and my clients what they deserve.

How do you balance your business life with personal life whilst still being effective at your business/career?

Since the diagnosis life itself has taken on a whole new meaning. Things that don’t make me happy or are beneficial to my life or my family, I don’t partake in it. I stay away from negativity and anything that is going to bring my spirit down. So, when I think I need a break, I take a break. I plan beach days, outings, family game nights, and other things with my kids. I make sure to spend time with friends and enjoy the moment. The best balance is knowing when and how to live and be in the moment. When I am in work mode I am in work mode. Not thinking about home, the dog, what I’m going to cook etc. And when I am with family and friends I am there with them. All of me. Not thinking about sending emails, what I am going to post on social media etc.

What drives you/motivates you to do what you do?

I have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations in life. I have also achieved some great things. I also once lived a life that other people expected me to live and I was not happy. With just a listening ear to the streets there are many not living there lives to the fullest, but they are just existing in auto pilot. Our lives begin and end in a blink of an eye so why not enjoy it. So, when I am coaching my clients and we are setting goals for their lives or their businesses and they see change, the changes they want to see and they get excited and want to do more. Or when my client tells me they did something they always dreamed of doing but they didn’t have the courage to do it and I see the glow on their face or hear it in their voice. That’s better than any payment I could ever receive. It’s life changing.

Where do you see your business/career going from here? What it is your long-term goal?

In the next 5 years, I see myself healthy and having my own office building. I see myself doing more workshops and masterclasses. I do eventually want to open my own school for kids and the arts. I see my brand being world known.

What is a challenge that you have overcome most recently?

The challenge I have most recently overcome and it’s seeing the REAL Eboney. When I was diagnosed due to treatment I lost my hair. I always wore short hair, but its different when it is intentional. When it happened, it was a shock because I have never not had any hair. So, I went on this journey to really find me and see the inner beauty that so many told me about. There were days where I looked in the mirror and didn’t know who I was and I had to find her. Now this happen to me due to cancer, but how many people are dealing with that within in their businesses, their marriages, their careers? Am I all the way there I can honestly say no, but I am a lot closer than where I was.

Any other information you would like to share?

Yes. This October I will be releasing my transparent autobiography titled “The Hustle Journey” on my battle with breast cancer. It goes beyond chemo treatments and other doctor’s visits. I am sharing my perspective from a mental, emotional, financial and even a spiritual viewpoint. I am also sharing my Transformation Experience. It has been one of the hardest pieces I have ever written but it has been the most liberating.

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